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  Repair Service:

    We offer repair services on any wigs that we have designed.  The cost of the repair varies depending on type
    of repair that is required.  Starting cost is $50.00.  Plus the customer is responsible for shipping cost of
    $35.00 which includes insurance.

    Most problems are able to be repaired on the unit.  Including rips, tears, hair loss, etc.

   Repair Services Include:

              Mending Rips and Tears (Extensive rips or tears may not be able to be fixed)

              Replacing Hair Loss

    Instructions for Requesting Wig Repair Services:

               Please put detailed information as to what type of repair is needed

               We will respond to your advice if the problem is repairable

    Sending Your Unit in For Repair:

    ,      For sanitary reasons, you MUST wash your unit first prior to sending it in to us for repair(un-cleaned wigs
            will not be accepted for repair)

         Print out the Order Form Receipt which includes your name, address, telephone number, and email
            address.Include a Typed Note with the repair areas listed.

         Repairs will take approximately 15-20 days.


    Our Shipping Address:

1-904# Zhonghui yayuan, 0# Haier Road,     
                    Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China

    Postal Code: 266061
    Cell:  0086-13792861096

     NOTE: When you shipping , please declare the value less than $10 ,
                   so we needn¨t pay the extra for the customs.


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